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Re: Adding modules to modules.cgz

On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 10:23:05AM -0500, Jacob Woltersdorf wrote:
> I've got the small problem of trying to kickstart a machine with the
> ks.cfg file on a SCSI harddisk.  This would work if using boot.img, but
> I'd like to use bootnet.img since it already has all the NIC modules.
> My problem arises from needing to get (for the sake of argument) the
> aic7xxx module to work on bootnet.img.  In the Kickstart Howto it outlines
> how to replace modules, so I followed them in the hopes that adding
> modules would work the same.
> This is what I tried:
> 1. Add aic7xxx.o module from boot.img to modules.cgz on bootnet.img (had
> to remove the 3c*, de*, and wavelan modules to make space)
> -- This didn't work so i looked around somemore and found other references
> to the aic7xxx module.
> 2. Added refereces to aic7xxx module from module-info and pcitable in
> modules/ on boot.img to the same files in bootnet.img.
> -- still didn't work, but during Kickstart a message box pops up saying
> "Loading aic7xxx", then disappears and a bunch of messages saying "error
> 2 reading header: Success" appear in the background.
> 3. Removed all references to the modules I removed from the files above as
> well as modules.dep.

I usually try to refrain from posting content free messages, but I
had the same exact problem as you and tried the same solution and I
was never able to get it to work. Even when I mirrored the exact
same setup for another net driver and just added the scsi driver and
re-cpio'd it, it just would't work.

Aside from obvious clues about it's setup, if anyone knows some
voodoo or where some documentation for customizing the boot floppies
at this level. I'd appreciate some pointers too for future

Just my 0 cents,


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