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Changes to list and Mailman...

(Apologies in advance for those that have already seen this or will see it
multiple times)

  As you know we've been moving all Red Hat lists that were on our old server
running qmail and smartlist over to a new box running postfix and Mailman.  I
won't go into the details of migration, but I wanted to give you some
information about the new list.

(Note: In this message, LISTNAME refers to the list to which you are subscribed)

0)  All changes to your subscription can be performed by sending an email 
message to LISTNAME-request redhat com   For a help file on what commands are
available, send a message to LISTNAME-request redhat com with the word "help"
in the Subject line.

1)  All subscribers have a passwords associated with their subscription. You
must use this password in order to alter the settings for how you receive
email.  In order to obtain your password (and yes, you can change it), go to the
URL for this list:


and towards the bottom, enter your email address and click on "Edit Options". 
Then from the next page click on "Email My Password To Me".

***** An ALTERNATIVE is to obtain your password via email by sending a message
LISTNAME-request redhat com with the word "password" in the subject line.

2)  You may choose to receive the postings in digest format (sent out daily). 
Again you need to have the password as described in 1).

3)  Since the list gives each individual the option to receive in digest mode,
the list "LISTNAME-digest redhat com" DOES NOT EXIST.  When we were running
qmail and smartlist, for some email lists that had a digest option we had
created the list LISTNAME-digest redhat com   However, this is no longer 
necessary.  If you were subscribed to LISTNAME-digest redhat com, we 
subscribed you to the LISTNAME redhat com with the digest option selected.

4)  Archives of the list are also available online.  Sorry, they are not

Also, you've noticed that the headers are different.  If you are using filtering
software, you may want to key off of "X-BeenThere: LISTNAME redhat com"

PLEASE, if you have any questions or concerns or comments about the way the list
is setup now, please do not create TFHes.  I know there are strong opinions from
all camps about how to improve the way the lists are running.  And all comments
are welcomed and appreciated.  But please keep the comments off of the list. 
Feel free to email me directly or more appropriately 

    mailto:LISTNAME-admin redhat com 

(if you click on the mailto link, be sure to change LISTNAME to the
appropriate name)

Thanks for your attention,

\o__O  o   Kambiz Aghaiepour, RHCE  -    Phone: (919) 524-7423   o   o
  \_  /|\  -=   Red Hat, Inc.   =-  |\|  Pager: (800) 946-4646  //\ //\
   |\  |\  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  | |  Pager  Pin #: 1412622   //  //
  / /  |/  mailto:kambiz redhat com   |  http://www.redhat.com   |\  ||

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