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patching modules for initrd

Good Afternoon, night or morning,

Since redhat 5.2, we use kickstart to install redhat on PC's
at our site.

We also have standard ethercards on site. And since redhat 7.0
we are unlucky as the epic100.o is not anymore by default on the
bootnet.img disket.

I uderstand that the solution is to patch the initrd.img file on 
bootnet.img. I find it easy to replace one of the modules/2.2.16-22BOOT/*.o
to include epic100.o instead of a non standard (for us) one.
But my question is more related to the other 2 files:

I know that the drivers.img file contains evrything for epic100 but,
if I think that patching module-info is quite simple (replacing the 
erased xxx info with the epic100 info), I don't see simply how to
replace the corresponding information in pcitable.

To be very precise, for the moment, I would like to replace
evything that concerns de620 by evrything that concerns epic100.
Is there any good advice for the pcitable for that?
And, by any luck, is there any script that could do all that at once?

And an additional question would be: how to use kickstart if I have to
use the drivers.img file for ethercards that are not included in
the modules contained in bootnet.img but are on the dricers.img?

Thanks in advance.

 Anne Possoz   Service Informatique Central Tel : (41/21) 693.22.49
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne (Switzerland)

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