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Re: patching modules for initrd

On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Anne POSSOZ wrote:

> I uderstand that the solution is to patch the initrd.img file on 
> bootnet.img. I find it easy to replace one of the modules/2.2.16-22BOOT/*.o
> to include epic100.o instead of a non standard (for us) one.

Just to be clear, you are rebuilding the modules.cgz inside the 
initrd.img on the floppy, correct?

> To be very precise, for the moment, I would like to replace
> evything that concerns de620 by evrything that concerns epic100.
> Is there any good advice for the pcitable for that?

You could proabably get away with something like:

grep epic100 drivers.pcitable > bootnet.pcitable

All you need is the lines from pcitable in order to get the PCI card
to be recognized by the installer.  However, if you are adding PCI cards
to the pcitable that weren't present in the RH release, you might also
want to make sure that kudzu's pci database knows about them as well.
> And an additional question would be: how to use kickstart if I have to
> use the drivers.img file for ethercards that are not included in
> the modules contained in bootnet.img but are on the dricers.img?

The 7.0 kickstart should have the capabilty to load up a drivers.img
from a local disk (check Appendix F of the RH reference guide).  I meant
to see if you could use NFS to grab this image, but I never had a chance
to test it out.  This would be slick feature for the next release, though.

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