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RH7.0 Kickstart frustration

A while back, I had kickstart working perfectly using DHCP & DNS. I know my ks.cfg file is good. Unfortunately due to a brain fart, I lost much of the setup for this except for the ks.cfg file.

I read Forrest Taylor's posting a few days ago stating that he was able to get kickstart running without DHCP / DNS using the following in syslinux.cfg:

  kernel vmlinuz
  ks=nfs: initrd=intird.img network

So, I tried this by making a bootdisk using bootnet.img from the RH7.0 respin CD #1. My syslinux.cfg file looks like this (yes, I caught the typo in Forrest's posting):

default ks
prompt 0
label ks
  kernel vmlinuz
  ks=nfs: initrd=initrd.img network


1) When the system boots up, I get about 5 messages saying "unknown syslinux.cfg option". After that, the boot proceeds normally.

2) The machine mounts the nfs export at as I can see the authentication happen in the logs on After that, I get <4> neighbour table overflow on the target machine on <alt> <f4>. On <alt><f3> I can see where it is supposedly mounting the nfs volume where my install image is located, however in the logs on the, I can see no request or authentication for this export. Needless to say, the install stops and starts prompting me for input of language, etc.

Can someone give me a suggestion as to what I'm missing here ? I'd prefer to use the no DHCP/DNS method if possible as that is a bit of a hassle to get setup and maintain.

Thanks for any help !



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