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Re: Diskless Network Kickstart?

On Wed Jan 10 2001 at 15:27, "Stephen Bolinger" wrote:

> Thanks for the link.  I still don't have this working, but I've come across
> a couple pages that may be useful to others trying to create a PXE
> network-booting kickstart install:
> http://www.naos.co.nz/papers/diskless/index2.html
> http://fscked.org/writings/clusters/pxelinux.txt
> Does anyone have this actually setup and working?  If so, did you use the
> Intel PXE server?  Did you use DHCP 2 or 3?  Could you post your conf files?
> Thanks!

The PXE package that comes with redhat appears to be tailor-made for
kickstart/linux - in particular the file:


But PXE is a lot more useful than just being used for kickstart.  It
can be used to boot all sorts of boot images, including dos and
other linux boot images.

It works well for kickstart (although admittedly I haven't used it
with rh70 yet).  Admittedly it is a weird beast to set up, and the
docs aren't quite up to scratch - but the information is there.

To add to the URLS...


(and other pages close by).

What I would like to mention here is that the intel SDK comes with a
pxe boot loader image that works with dos.  I've had to go to all
sorts of lengths to extract that particular file out of the archive
.exe file they have available there.

Can I ask redhat, please include more with the pxe package so that
it is much more useful that just using it with PXE?  The dos
bootloader file (along with appropriate documentation about it) is
one thing that is missing.

  (We often use dos boot images, which load 16bit packet drivers
  then the lanman client stuff.  That way we can use ghost to clone
  fat32 installations.  I've done this with pxe, floppy boot disks
  and etherboot, all work great)

  Tony Nugent <Tony growzone com au>    Systems Administrator, RHCE
  GrowZone OnLine   -   regional internet services for Southern Qld
  POBox 475 Toowoomba Oueensland Australia 4350    Ph: 07 4637 8322

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