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Re: kickstart on boot cd?

i've done this by adding the ks.cfg to the ramdisk in boot.img and
editing syslinux.cfg to default to something like 
linux ks=file:/ks.cfg
(i don't recall the exact syntax).

i believe this involved
1) mount boot.img as a file system (-o loop)
2) gunzip the initrd image which resides there and mount it as a
3) add/edit the appropriate files (ks.cfg, syslinux.cfg)
4) gzip the initrd image and cp it to the boot.img filesystem
5) make iso  - here's a line from my python script to do this:
os.system("mkisofs -b images/boot.img -c boot.cat -J -r -T -p
\"RedHat+\" -P \"dannf nmt edu\" -A \"Modified RedHat\" -V RH70 -o
"+isoName+" "+directory)
i copied the necessary arguments from a RedHat CD kit i found on

	good luck.
Alvin Cabrera wrote:
> is it possible to have the ks.cfg on a bootable cd so it would
> automatically be read?  i was thinking of possibly using this method to
> do a large scale canned installed without relying on user input or
> network support.  the floppy isn't an option since the systems won't
> have one.  any ideas on how to proceed to combine a floppy boot disk and
> the first rh7.0 cd?  thanks in advance.
> alvin

dann frazier
Linux Development Lab
daniel_frazier hp com
(970) 898-0800

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