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Re: Kickstart issues

The reason I heard for this is that Kickstart asks to use NFS version 3
even though it (Linux) doesn't support it. The Sun will answer back that
it can do NFS v3 whereas a Linux box will say it can't, subsiquently
kickstart tries to use V3 when it's not supported by the kernel. There's
apparently a hack you can make to the Anaconda code to fix it but it's
not pretty. We had the same issue and ended up putting the files on a
Linux server to get around it. See:


- Matt

Tru Huynh wrote:
> Seth Vidal wrote:
> >
> > > Maybe im going mad, but
> > >
> > > I have a Sun 420r which is the NFS share for all of my kickstart
> > > installations
> > > Now i can mount this share /export/linux from any unix variant (sun, freebsd
> > > and linux), yet i kickstart it it wont mount it?
> > >
> > > im using redhat7.0 and i have a twinkling that this is the root of all evil
> >
> Same pb here: i could not manage to use the nfs method
> for kickstarting under RH7. There were several msgs in the list
> reporting the same pb. Anyone successfull?
> Under RH6.2 it worked flawlessly (ks.cfg either on floppy/nfs).
> network --bootproto dhcp
> nfs --server my.nfs.server --dir /pub/redhat/6.2/i386
> I finally used the ftp method for RH7 instead (ks.cfg on floppy).
> network --bootproto dhcp
> url --url ftp://my.ftp.server/pub/redhat/7.0/i386
> During the post install for RH7 I have the following error:
> fs type nfs is not supported by kernel
> while trying to nfs mount some other share!
> -Tru
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