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Re: >really< hands-off install

Seth, et al --

...and then Seth Alford said...
% --- David T-G <davidtg bigfoot com> wrote:
% >   image=/boot/vmlinuz-kickstart
% >           label=kick
% >           initrd=/boot/initrd.img-kickstart
% >   default kick
% >   label kick
% >     kernel vmlinuz-kickstart
% >     append ks=file:/ks.cfg
% > initrd=initrd.img-kickstart.gz console=ttyS0,9600n8
% > gets part way thru the boot and hangs.
% As I understand it, whatever actually boots in
% boot.img
% reads the syslinux.cfg.  That then allows the user to
% choose a particular installation method.

Hmmm...  Hokay.  So I should somehow be pointing my lilo entry to
boot.img (or, in my case, bootnet.img).  But that's the floppy that I
usually use for kickstarts, and on it are the vmlinuz and initrd.img
files which are now in /boot.

% I notice that you have a initrd.img-kickstart in
% your boot image.  Is that in addition to, or a
% replacment for, the existing initrd.img?  If it's

It's the initrd.img that came from the bootnet.img floppy that I've been
able to use for kickstarting.

% an addition, are you sure that there was sufficient
% room for it in the floppy image?  Likewise, is the
% vmlinuz-kickstart additional, or replacement, for
% vmlinuz, and is there sufficient room for it?

I think you're asking if these things fit on the floppy.  I have the
floppy working; what I need is to move from the floppy to the hard drive.

% Having only a portion of an initrd might explain
% why the system is hanging; when the kernel can't
% read the missing part of initrd, the system hangs.

That could still be my problem.  I'm not entirely un-lost.  Thanks!

% --Seth Alford
% sethal yahoo com

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