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Re: New features to kickstart

I think the "--nobase" is a good idea. We regularly have to mangle ours
to clean out junk we don't want. One other idea we had but never had
time to implement was to give some sort of option to specifically
exclude a package. This way you could leave the generic base but
specifically ask for some packages not to be loaded. Never have found
time to implement this though...

			- Matt

Daniel Shane wrote:
> Hi,
> I am adding some new features to the kickstart mecanism and wanted to know
> if these changes could be added to the main anaconda branch. Therefore, I am
> describing the changes to see if they will be accepted/useful to the
> community and RedHat:
> * new options --nobase to %packages
>     This will prevent Base from beeing automaticaly installed.
>     Useful if you are building very small linux systems.
> * new options --text to install
>     Usefull because by default the install trys to go in graphic mode
>     and you may not want to always have to type text ks=...
> * changed mouse none
>     When no mouse is selected, the install should not try to start X
>     and go directly in text mode.
> * Ram warning
>   Remove the warning about low ram and that the swap should
>   be enabled right now. This is not configurable with kickstart.
> What do you think about these changes?
> Daniel Shane.
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