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RE: Kickstart error

This is where things are very confused.  I am trying to setup my 
system to get the ks file from the floppy but that doesn't seem to 
be working.

I had saved an e-mail that you sent a while back about setting this 
kind of thing up, but I have done some part of it wrong and can't 
figure out what.

here is the command line I am using:

ks ks=floppy initrd=initrd.img local

It says it can't find the /tmp/ks.cfg file, however, if I put the REAL 
CD in the drive it still goes into the RedHat install...even though it 
isn't silient.

When I use my CD this doesn't happen, I get the error.

The ks.cfg is stored on the floppy /ks.cfg
I am using boot.img (after modifying it using your document)
I burned the CD using a samba share to a Windows machine (my 
only access to a CD writer) Easy-CD creator Joliet extensions.

Thanks for the response.


Michael Barsalou
barjunk attglobal net

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