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Fully automated install with PXE

I have been running around with this one for a little bit and getting
no where. Hopefully someone on this list can give me a couple of
pointers to get kickstart to do a full install with PXE. 

My basic approach is to boot a system using PXE and then allow
kickstart to proceed with the install of Linux with no interaction
from the user other than maybe to select the type of system to be

What I currently have running is PXE downloading and starting the
kernel from my tftp server. Currently I have PXE downloading a
secondary bootstrap (bpbatch) which then downloads the kernel and
transfer control over to the kernel. 

When the kernel starts up, it gets its root filesystem from a NFS
server. Up to this point, everything works fine. 

After the root filesystem is mounted, kickstart executes and reads in
the kickstart configuration file. The major problem that I have is
that in the kickstart configuration file my network line looks like
"network --bootproto dhcp" becuase the resulting system needs to
obtain the network information through DHCP. As soon as kickstart gets
to this point, it then begins to attempt to get another DHCP lease
which breaks the NFS mount and because the IP gets cleared out of the
stack and the sytsem goes throught the typical NFS locking problems. 

How does one get around this issue? Is there a way to specify the
network line so that the system is setup for DHCP without destroying
the current stack?

Gerard Hickey                             email: Gerard Hickey nsc com
National Semiconductor Corporation        phone: +1 207 541 6101
Information Appliance Group, MS 03-03     fax:   +1 207 541 6108
5 Foden Road, South Portland, Maine 04106-1706
OpenPGP Fingerprint: 1123 383E 60B4 922A 2E41  0B18 52F6 0665 BDCF 6668

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