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Re: Fully automated install with PXE

I've setup a system as you described with 2 diferences:

 1 - I've used pxelinux instead of bpbatch
 2 - My DHCP is configured to provide always de same IP to each MAC

 Since DHCPd should "give" the same IP to a specific MAC maybe the
problem mau be with bpbatch. Try to force your DHCPd server to return
the same IP to your machine and see if you still have a problem.

I can attach my configuration ( already sent on 25 mar to this list ) if
you want to see what i have done.


On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 22:28, Gerard Hickey wrote:
> I have been running around with this one for a little bit and getting
> no where. Hopefully someone on this list can give me a couple of
> pointers to get kickstart to do a full install with PXE. 
> My basic approach is to boot a system using PXE and then allow
> kickstart to proceed with the install of Linux with no interaction
> from the user other than maybe to select the type of system to be
> installed. 
> What I currently have running is PXE downloading and starting the
> kernel from my tftp server. Currently I have PXE downloading a
> secondary bootstrap (bpbatch) which then downloads the kernel and
> transfer control over to the kernel. 
> When the kernel starts up, it gets its root filesystem from a NFS
> server. Up to this point, everything works fine. 
> After the root filesystem is mounted, kickstart executes and reads in
> the kickstart configuration file. The major problem that I have is
> that in the kickstart configuration file my network line looks like
> "network --bootproto dhcp" becuase the resulting system needs to
> obtain the network information through DHCP. As soon as kickstart gets
> to this point, it then begins to attempt to get another DHCP lease
> which breaks the NFS mount and because the IP gets cleared out of the
> stack and the sytsem goes throught the typical NFS locking problems. 
> How does one get around this issue? Is there a way to specify the
> network line so that the system is setup for DHCP without destroying
> the current stack?
> Thanks. 
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