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Re: rpm4.0.4 statically linked - why ?

You don't have an extra 9MB?  You have bigger issues!  :-)

I've had to upgrade rpm before, in many earlier versions of redhat, 
though I haven't done the upgrade you describe.  One reason I didn't 
is because rpm is generally a pain in the groin to upgrade, because 
it causes an endless chain of upgrades.  The fact that it's now 
statically linked makes this problem completely go away.  I once 
requested this on the Redhat-list -- that was long ago.

I think one value add it offers aside from ease of upgrade is ease of 
maintenance of other tools that utilize it -- namely the up2date 
tools.  There may be more tools that use rpm in the pipeline that we 
don't know about, so the other benefits may not be so clear.

If you need 9MB of space, there's bound to be tons of stuff on the box 
you don't need that you could erase.  Run rpm -qa and see what all is 
there, and make a priority list.  You *could* also keep your software 
on some other machine on the network that has a lot of disk and mount 
/usr/local via nfs on the box with no disk.  That'll save you a 
significant amount of disk space.

good luck

On Thursday 18 April 2002 06:38 pm, Skahan, Vince wrote:
> I see that the rpm4.0.3 that came with rh72 is dynamically linked
> but the 4.0.4 update is statically linked and 9MB+ bigger in size
> as a result.
> Anybody know why that change was made and what value it adds ?  I'd
> sure like to see it dynamically linked due to the size issue.


Brian K. Jones
System Administrator
Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton University
jonesy cs princeton edu
Voice: (609) 258-6080

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