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Re: replacing kernel


I am putting the kickstart file in the tmp directory inside the ramdisk.
This is for IBM iseries(ppc) and the ramdisk image is attached to the
kernel.  The problem occurs even when  I am not trying the kickstart
install, but a normal install with my CD.   So the error occurs without the
kickstart file coming into the picture at all.

Taking your advice on looking up the archives.....

thanks in advance

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Liza Alenchery wrote:

> Hi
> I am trying to build a CDROM based on Red Hat CD and put kickstart in the
> ramdisk. I am replacing the kernel in the CD (The kernel that executes
> during install).  I have changed the RPM list, modified comps  and run
> genhdlist. But when I run the install, I get the screen asking em to
> which install method(CDROM, http, ftp, nfs) and I choose CDROM, I get the
> message that "I cannot find any redhat CD in your drives*. What have I
> missed changing when I replaced the kernel?
> Should I be running buildinstall or some such utility?
> Liza

Where did you put the ks.cfg file exactly?  What do you have in that
file?  If you are replacing the kernel, you will most likely have to run
buildinstall et al.  Check the archives on this list and the archives on


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