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RE: Bootable KickStart CD


  I just went through this, and I think I can help you.  The /tmp/ks.cfg is
a very misleading and generic error.  I received the same error on a number
of different issues.
1.)  My kickstart floppy was formatted in ext2fs.  Doh!  Has to be vfat.
2.)  I made the wonderful mistake of switching subnets.  In other words, I
had just kickstarted a couple of desktops and then I switched to servers.  I
forgot the servers were on a different subnet and that subnet did not have a
DHCP server on it.
I had another instance of receiving the message, but I forgot what it was.
Anyway, the point is don't take the message too literally.  When I get that
message now, I go through all of my abc's of kickstarting and 9/10 times I
find that I have overlooked something basic.


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I'm trying to make a bootable cdrom for kickstart installations.  I have
a diskette that works great.  I've taken an image of the diskette and
burned it onto a cdrom.  The cdrom boots, the RedHat installation begins
but it can't seem to find the ks.cfg.  I get an error telling me that it
can't find /tmp/ks.cfg.  I've tried creating a /tmp/ks.cfg on the cdrom
image.  When I do this, the error goes away but the ks.cfg file is never
read (i.e. I still have to fill out the information on all the screens).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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