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Re: Adding updates to a KS-ISO-install

On Fri Dec 06 2002 at 19:40, "Alan R. Becker" wrote:

> I remembered seeing an article that addressed this issue
> rather extensively, and I hunted it down.  Go to the
> following site:
> http://www.linuxworks.com.au/redhat-installer-howto.html

It needs updating, I will eventually do that.

  One warning in the meantime... stick to the earlier releases of
  the kernel-BOOT package if you intend to use buildinstall.
  Unfortunately, the more recent kernels fail to install into the
  various boot images (they fill the ramdisk images).

> This article addresses specifically RH 7.2 and 7.3 

and will stay like that, it will age gracefully :)

> - not yet modified for RH 8.0.

If it is updated for rh8.x, it will be in a new doc.

Anaconda has a web page now, covering the lastest release:

Also see Luigi's page at:

Google and the archives for this mailing list are worth a visit (a
number of issues have been raised over recent weeks that are of

> Haven't had occasion to use it myself yet, but I saw good comments
> from others on the list where I picked this up.

It still works for me :)

> HTH,
> A. Becker


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