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Re: dealing with persistant data

I don't know if this the best way of doing this, but at my company we are
working on
a very simular problem, and what we do is actually lay down the partitions
in our
%pre script.  This allows us to examine the partition table, and do the
right thing.
Then we just have anconda lay down the filesystems that are part of our
platform, but not filesystems that are the location of the persistant data.

In case its not obvious, we simply pipe commands into fdisk to actually
create or alter the
partition table while in the %pre script.


rick bradshaw <bradshaw mcs anl gov>@redhat.com on 12/19/2002 08:00:34 AM

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Subject:  dealing with persistant data

       Has anyone out there delt with persistant data? I have scientific
data from users on a specific (disk/raid volume/partition) that I would
like to make sure doesn't get wiped during upgrade to redhat 7.3. Is there
an easy way to do this. I would really like some help on this one.


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