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Re: NFS mounts in post install

On Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Tony Nugent wrote:

> On Fri Mar 22 2002 at 23:36, Tom Diehl wrote:
> While this is not exactly directly related to kickstart, many people
> who use it would want to know how to create an updated installation
> image, including changed installation packages and an updated or
> customised installer.

I am going to look at mkkickstart for this. The docs say is is broken
Hopefully I can get it to work. Even if it just gives me the package list.

OTOH does nayone know if you really need to use groups in the ks.cfg
file? What would stop me from using the optput from rpm-qa with the 
version numbers whacked off of the end and not using the groups at all.
Does anyone know if this will work??

> I am in the process of putting together some documentation (there
> doesn't seem to be any decent docs available about this either), and
> the current (beta) version can be found here:
> http://www.linuxworks.com.au/rh-install-disks-howto.html

I like it!! So far this is the best description I have seen.

> Comments, suggestions and updates most welcome.

The only thing I see at first glance is that the rh-7.2 documentation
cdrom is avalilble on any of the redhat ftp sites or mirrors.
For example ftp://ftp.shuttleamerica.com/pub/mirrors/redhat/linux/7.2/en/doc/
or if you want the iso:

Oh and one other idea for you to think about, Rather than try to keep up 
with the constant flow of updates I have setup kickstart so that it 
loads an rpm called autoupdate along with working config files. 
This way I can run autoupdate after the reboot (or wait until the next 
day since it is run from cron) and have the system automagically 
updated to the latest versions. Obviously this only works on a networked 
machine that has access to the redhat updates directory. 

> I hope this helps you on your quest.

It looks like it will. Need to read and experiment more. :-)


......Tom		CLUELESSNESS: There Are No Stupid Questions, But
tdiehl rogueind com	There Are LOTS of Inquisitive Idiots. :-)

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