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Re: IBM x330 kickstart problem.

>> Does this work without PXE (e.g. using a bootnet.img floppy with a ks.cfg file)? 

Yes, if I throw the bootnet.img It gets past the problematic point where it first wants to loads the kernel. 

>> Try giving an argument "apic" in the command line, e.g. "linux ks=floppy apic". 

And as to your other suggestion, I changed my pxelinux config file to be:

default linux
prompt 1
timeout 30
label linux
  kernel /vmlinuz-73
  append load_ramdisk=1 ramdisk_size=32768 initrd=/initrd-73.img ks=nfs:kickstartserver:/kickstart/kickstartfiles/kickstart.cfg apic

vmlinuz-73 is the kernel in the /images/pxeboot directory of the 7.3 installation cd, simply renamed since I kickstart using 7.2 and 7.3
initrd-73.img is the init image in the /images/pxeboot directory of the 7.3 install cd, also renamed for the same reason.

in the /images/pxeboot directory of the cd is an initrd image called initrd-everything.img which is an initrd with support for all install methods and drivers supported for installation of Red Hat Linux. --I didnt think it would work, but Ive tried using it anyway because I'm grasping at straws, and no dice.

Just got off the phone with IBM's support, they gave me the whole "its a software thing, we cant help you" line. 

Just to reclarify, I have successfully used the 7.2 kernel supplied in the /images/pxeboot directory of the 7.2 install cd to pxeboot and kickstart-install a 7.2-smp machine.

>> So take one out or turn it off or whatever;-) Sounds to me like the particular kernel does not handle two CPUs. You could install the >> smp kernel in %post

In that case I may as well do a manual install. That takes less time than removing the case-cover and then the heat-sink clamp, removing the heat sink, removing the processor, placing in a terminator, closing the machine back up, reformatting and then replacing the chip/heat sink/thermal compound :)  

Everyone, thanks for the help... any other suggestions? 
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