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RE: Listing packages in kickstart with 8.0

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From: Reza Hedayati [mailto:hedayati stsci edu]
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 8:35 AM
To: kickstart-list redhat com
Subject: Listing packages in kickstart with 8.0


I am trying to create a kickstart disk for red hat 8.0, which lists individual 
packages, instead of the groups.  This works fine in 7.3, however, for 8.0, I 
get the anaconda error dump.  I am trying to list all the individual 
packages, with no group listings at  all.
I have tried several itirations, even one that included all the installed 
packages with from a freshly installed 8.0 system.
I have no problems using the kickstart with the package groups.  
Obviously, I'm trying to do this to exclude some unnecessary packages.  Is 
there anything different in 8.0 ksconfig, from 7.3?  Also, 9.0 gives you more 
options, such as --ignoredeps, and --ignoremissing.  9.0 also allows for 
listing the package groups and then using the "-" to exclude individual 
packages, is that available in 8.0 as well?

Please advice...


Reza -

A simple work around might be to take the unnecessary packages out of the comps file (RedHat/base/comps).  I did that with my 7.3 network install.  I don't have 8.0 yet, but I assume it should work the same.

- Mark

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