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RE: Re: fdisk in %pre in RH9

Since fdisk can't open the device it would suggest the device does not
exist. It may be that the proper SCSI module is not loaded so the hard disk
can't be seen. The mknod is incorrect as Phil indicated and though this
block of code may have worked on RH8 it surely wasn't because of this mknod
command. Also, RedHat boot disk and cd-rom already have /dev/sda so the
mknod is redundant. I'd focus on SCSI modules. Does the kickstart file work
when you leave out the %pre section and simply allow partitioning to take
place normally within the body of the ks.cfg file using "part" commands? Use
youir alt key to toggle between the F2,3,4 keys so you can see what is
happing during the installation. if you get far enough go to F2 and lsmod to
see if your SCSI mods are loaded.
-Daniel Gomez
Marriott International

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The same code works just fine with RH 8.0. So I dont see why it should not
work with Rh 9.



kickstart-list redhat com wrote:

On Wed, 23 Apr 2003, rosella keating wrote:

>I am trying to do partitioning in the %pre section of the kickstart,
>while installing RH 9. . I am executing following steps:
>$mknod /tmp/sda
>$dd if=$PATH/mbr.dd of=/tmp/sda bs=512
>$/usr/sbin/fdisk /tmp/sda

Shouldn't there be more args to mknod?

# mknod /tmp/sda b 8 0


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