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RE: not quite happy with RH9 kickstart

Hello Mr. Jones,

I'm quite the newbie at kickstart but I'll share with you what I made work 
here at my network. It appears that RH is removing the use of kickstarting 
from a floppy. Probably because floppies will soon go the way of the dinosaur. 
My only complaint is that documentation for other alternatives is wolefully 
lacking on the side of RH. (Hmmmm...gee that sounds like another company we 
all know and love to hate...anyone know who...)

be that as it may, you can boot off of a cd just like you did the floppy. You 
can piece together a bit what you need to do from 
1.4.2. Making an Installation Boot CD-ROM in the Redhat Installation guide. 
But again...it lacks more specific information. HEre are the exact steps I 
used to build this cd:

1. copy the isolinux directory from the installation cd to the area where you 
you want to work with it.

cp -r /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/ .
2. cd into the isolinux directory
3. Change the isolinux.cfg file to reflect the following:
default linux ks=cdrom
display snake.msg

The above is what I normally did in the file called "bbotnet.img" and by doing 
so it would present the snake on the screen and then go on into the booting 
and image relaod without the user doing anything.

4. Copy you ks.cfg file into the isolinux directory AND BE SURE IT IS NAMED 

5. cd one level up
6. change the permissions to this: chmod u+o isolinux/*
7. Then make a new iso image that you will use to boot from the cdrom and this 
will in turn let you do a regular nfs installation:

(Note: this below is all one line and is found in the section I listed above.)
mkisofs -o file.iso -b isolinux.bin -c boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 
4 -boot-info-table -R -J -v -T isolinux/

8. Burn file.iso onto a cd
9. Pop it in your machine and reboot using cdrom as the default.

This worked very well for me. If you have any questions let me know and I'll 
try to help. Best wishes,
>===== Original Message From Tim Jones <tim ifl net> =====
>I have a similar problem to moreta, though not quite the same.
>I have a number of systems without CD drives that I need to install RH9 on. I 
am trying to install via NFS, and would like to be able to boot automatically 
from a single floppy disk without interaction from a user.
>I have managed to add the appropriate network drivers for the NFS install to 
the bootdisk.img image, and have also created a basic kickstart file. However, 
whatever I do, the install always breaks out to ask me to specify drivers or 
supply a drivers disk.
>If I specify the 'e100' driver which I have included on the disk, the install 
continues perfectly.
>I have tried adding the line 'device ethernet e100' into my kickstart config 
file, but this just throws up an error: 'install exited abnormally error 
signal 11'.
>Does the 'device ethernet e100' line have to be in a specific place in the 
kickstart file, or is there another way to specify which network driver to use 
in the kickstart?
>Thanks for any help,

F. Charlene Watson
Systems Analyst
LAboratory of Information Technologies
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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