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Re: example minimal comps file + RPM list ?

I created a single CD RH 8.0 CD, but I did it a little different:

* Used only the BASE and CORE rpms (took out the SRPMs as well)
* Updated with updated RPMs (errata)
* I did not modify the comps.xml file, since I am using Kickstart, and
you can explicitly list the groups that you want. Since I only have
BASE/CORE rpms, I can just list those (although, I left them out since
they install by default).
* Ran genhdlist (I did not do a buildinstall or splitdistro at all)

This worked for me, since I was using Kickstart. This might not work for
you if you were building a general 1 CD RH install.

I also wrote a script that reads the comps.xml file, and generates a
list of RPMs for BASE and CORE (you can modify it to use other groups as
well). If this would be helpful to you (or anyone else), I can send it
to you. I also wrote a script that takes that list, and removes all RPMs
not on that list from a directory.



On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 14:26, Skahan, Vince wrote:
> Can anybody provide a comps.xml file and a matching
> listing of the RPMS directory for a one-cd rh8-based
> distribution (ie, a mini-server)that actually builds ?
> I'm trying to build up a mini rh8 from the base+core
> stated to be the minimum, but it appears that buildinstall
> needs 'lots' more rpms than the working minimal o/s does
> to be included in comps.xml and the RPMS tree to successfully
> build a pkgorder.txt file and an image.
> It's proving maddeningly difficult to figure out what
> stuff buildinstall needs in addition to the far smaller
> set of stuff that the o/s actually needs to run.
> I'm following the steps in the 'Burning a RedHat CD HOWTO'
> as follows:
>  - copied rh8.0 cd-1 to /rh80/i386
>  - added in cd-2 and cd-3 rpms to get'em all
>  - edited splitdistro a little per the HOWTO to not
>     worry about the SRPMS
>  - ran genhdlist, buildinstall, splitdistro etc.
>      and it seemed to rebuild vanilla 8.0 ok
>  - then I tried to strip down the RPMS directory
>      removing unneeded stuff, but buildinstall 
>      blows up trying to build the pkgorder.txt file.
> Any ideas ?
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> From: Jeremy Katz [mailto:katzj redhat com]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 11:27 AM
> To: kickstart-list redhat com
> Subject: Some documentation on the new XML comps file
> In an effort to try to answer some of the questions before they get
> asked, I've put up a first go at some documentation on the new XML comps
> file format at http://rhlinux.redhat.com/anaconda/comps.html.  It should
> be a complete reference to all of the things which are recognized for
> the file as well as information on how to generate the package lists
> with dependencies and a simple little python script which uses some
> attributes of the file.
> I also went ahead and put up the master comps-milan.xml.in file plus the
> po files which are used in generating the final comps.xml.  It's a bit
> easier to edit the .in file since it doesn't have the translations
> merged in which makes it shorter and easier to follow.  Tarball is at
> http://rhlinux.redhat.com/anaconda/comps-8.0.tar.gz
> If anyone has any questions or clarifications, feel free to ask here and
> I'll try to pay enough attention to answer them and update the
> documentation accordingly.  We're also going to try to get some other
> things up as we get the time to sit down and work on them.
> Cheers,
> Jeremy
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