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hands-off upgrade

Hi All,

Currently, when I upgrade a RedHat Linux computer, I have to first fiddle with
the EEPROM settings to boot off CD.  Then I have to boot off the RHL 8.0
CDROM, then I type 
	boot> linux ks=nfs:server:/path/to/ks/config/file/ks.cfg
After I am finished, I go back into the EEPROM and turn off booting off
the CD.  All this is done with me sitting at the console.

Is there any way to do a completely hands-off installation?  I would like
to be able to use kickstart to upgrade a computer remotely.   With new
versions of RedHat Linux coming out every 6-8 months, and the growing
number of computers I manage, it would be nice if I didn't have to physically
visit each computer.   

My dream would be to upgrade all 40 computers one evening sitting at my
home in my PJ's, working via my cable-modem.  I have already figured out
how to do this for my Solaris jumpstart upgrades and it really has sped
things up.


Cheryl Southard
cld astro caltech edu

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