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some (dumb) questions

  just trying to document a few things about KS for a longer
doc i'm writing.  sadly, i have no test box to try these things,
so i can only hope that someone has answers at their fingertips.
(i'm basing some of this on my reading of the RH 9 Customization
Guide, Ch 7 which, in many cases, is unclear).

1) how does "autostep" work?  does it just move from one screen to
   the next on a regular basis?  with or without user intervention?

2) what is the default for "clearpart" in terms of partitions?
   "--linux" or "--all"?  the CG doesn't say.

   there is an example give of

     clearpart --drives hda,hdb

   but that clearly doesn't clarify what is happening with those drives.

3) if you're doing a local CD-ROM install, and you want to *skip*
   network configuration, must you still have an optionless
   "network" directive?

   once upon a time, i found out the hard way (when i was trying
   to skip NW configuration on a test box) that, to avoid being
   prompted for NW info, i had to put in a simple


   directive.  this was not at all obvious from *any* of the docs
   and seems to be inconsistent with the general philosophy of,
   if you don't want something, don't mention it.  is this still
   the case?

4) not a question, just an observation -- it's still annoying to 
   have the "zerombr yes", which is the only directive that seems
   to need an argument of "yes" to work, as if there's some other
   possibility.  this is inconsistent with every other directive
   supported by KS.  not serious, just mildly aggravating to be
   so out of place with everything else.



Robert P. J. Day
Eno River Technologies
Unix, Linux and Open Source training
Waterloo, Ontario


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