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Re: e-mailing from post

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From: <James_Martin ao uscourts gov>
To: <kickstart-list redhat com>
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2003 6:35 AM
Subject: e-mailing from post

> I want to send an email in the %post section notifying me of when a build
> is complete..  The email consists of a log of the %post commands as well
> a date stamp.  The following command does not seem to work from %post, but
> will work when it is run after the machine is fully installed.
> mail myemail address com < /root/kickstart-post.log
> Any ideas?

I'm only just now getting started with kickstart, so there may be a way to
make this work exactly as you wish, but if not you might instead install a
one-time RPM you create that performs this (and any other action you want on
first boot).  The final action of that RPM can then be to erase itself or
otherwise deactivate itself.

Mark D. Nagel, CCIE #3177 <mnagel willingminds com>
Principal Consultant, Willing Minds LLC
tel/fax: 949-623-9853, web: http://www.willingminds.com/

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