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Re: any news of a new RH release?

On Fri, 2003-05-16 at 15:01, John Beamon wrote:
> Asking anyone with "@redhat.com" in their sig:

I don't have a @redhat.com address, but I think I can answer several of
your questions.

> 1. When can we expect at least a rumor of 9.1?

Doubtful.  Red Hat doesn't pre-announce consumer/community releases.  At
some point they will probably announce a Red Hat Linux 9.90 or 9.0.90
which will be the beta for the next release.  The version number of the
next release could be 9.1, but it could just as easily be 10, or
something completely different like "Red Hat Linux NG".

> 2. Can we expect Red Hat to offer an http server option that includes 
> the set of modules and features that we've come to know and love over 
> the years?  It's immaterial to me whether RH contributes to the apache-2 
> module base or allows us the option of installing a maintained 
> apache-1.3.x package.  I'm already rolling my own rpm's of at least a 
> dozen different packages for feature sets we need.  We "need" apache-1.3.x.

Red Hat Linux, the community distro, is focused on providing new
features and the latest versions of software.  If you think there are
things missing, I would suggest filing a Request For Enhancement (RFE)
in bugzilla.redhat.com, under the distribution component.

As for Apache 1.3, your e1000 issue, and for a proven, stable distro, I
would look at Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  RHEL 2.1 is very similar to Red
Hat Linux 7.2 or 7.3, so it has Apache HTTPD 1.3. It includes support
for the Dell PE1650 and the Intel e1000.  Based on your requests, RHEL
might be the way to go.


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