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FW: any news of a new RH release?

I would add support for disk drive or SCSI controller on the new Intel m/bs,
as well.  Intel is only supporting RH8.0 and up.  We are sticking w/7.3 for
stability, for now.  RH AS is a little too spending for our implementations,
while 7.3 delivers the functionality we need.  


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Subject: any news of a new RH release?

This is a tiny bit of a tangent, but it's relevant for me right now, 
sitting at my desk in THIS project.  I'm kickstarting a Dell PE1650, and 
they come with e1000 gigabit ethernet cards, which are not supported in 
the version of bootnet.img that I'm using.  Like so many others, I'm 
still rolling servers on 7.3 because it's proven, lightweight, and 
stable by comparison.  Many of us did not upgrade our servers to 8 
because we were waiting for "8.1", which would fix a large percentage of 
8's inevitable bugs.  Smart people don't upgrade production to a "dot-0" 

I know that the entire kickstart system has been rewritten.  XML, cd iso 
images instead of floppies, the works.  Today, May 16, I'm still 
tweaking my knowledge of 7.3.  By the end of the year, I plan on rolling 
our enterprise up to 9.x, whatever release number is stable at the time. 
  That means that I will *have to* learn the new kickstart system by 
year's end, including any customizations I need to do like adding e1000 
drivers and whatnot.  I'm an RHCE, and this is still a significant 
challenge and workload for me.  I'd appreciate some advance warning.

Asking anyone with "@redhat.com" in their sig:

1. When can we expect at least a rumor of 9.1?

2. Can we expect Red Hat to offer an http server option that includes 
the set of modules and features that we've come to know and love over 
the years?  It's immaterial to me whether RH contributes to the apache-2 
module base or allows us the option of installing a maintained 
apache-1.3.x package.  I'm already rolling my own rpm's of at least a 
dozen different packages for feature sets we need.  We "need" apache-1.3.x.

3.  A repost from a couple days ago that has gone completely 
untouched... is there a feature analogous to "lilocheck" in kickstart 
that is applicable to Red Hat's default bootloader for the last THREE 
production releases?  In my meager experience, lilocheck has not halted 
for the presence of grub on the MBR.  If I'm missing something or 
holding my mouth wrong when I do it, please just let me know.

Thanks.  I look forward to a reply with eager anticipation.

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