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Re: "xconfig" without args breaks AS3 kickstart

Ok then... filing as a bug:



On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 08:14:44AM +0900, Christians, Stefan Mr. wrote:
> > Has anyone noticed that in ks.cfg the "xconfig" directive without any
> > arguments bombs anaconda for RHEL AS3?
> We are using FC1, not AS3, so things may be a little bit different from
> what we say here.
> > The docs say that xconfig doesn't have to have the --card or --monitor
> > arguments, and if left out anaconda would use what is found when
> > probing. I can see that my monitor and video card are ddcprobed for, and
> > detected perfectly.... but anaconda complains that it didn't find any
> When anaconda ddc-probes, it just outputs what the monitor and card
> claim to be. So to us humans who watch the installation process, it
> looks like "wow, anaconda found my monitor", but to anaconda the probed
> information only becomes useful after a second step:
> On an installed system, you can find the file
> /usr/share/hwdata/MonitorsDB. If anaconda can not find the monitor it
> probed in that file, it has no idea what the correct parameters are, and
> it defaults to a safe low reolution mode. In our understanding the same
> thing happens if you specify "--monitor" with a model not listed in the
> file.
> In that case, you have two possibilities:
> a) use a predefined generic definition which is close to your settings
> xconfig --startxonboot --monitor="LCD Panel 1280x1024" --resolution
> 1280x1024 --depth 32
> b) explicitly specify hsync and vsync
> xconfig --startxonboot --hsync 30.0-85.0 --vsync 55.0-90.0 --resolution
> 1280x1024 --depth 32
> For the graphic cards it is probably similar. Our cards have fortunately
> all been configured correctly by anacaonda, so we are not sure exactly.
> The file is in /usr/share/hwdata/Cards
> And then there is even a file /usr/share/hwdata/CardMonitorCombos, which
> lists some very specific combinations (currently for DELL and IBM
> Thinkpad models).
> > sane defaults, and says this:
> > 
> > File "user/lib/anaconda/installclass.py", line 461, in configureX
> >   self.setMiscXSettigns(id, depth, resolution, runlevel = rl)
> > File "/usr/lib/anaconda/installclass.py", line 366, in setMiscXsettings
> >   id.xsetup.xhwsetup.choose_sane_default()
> > AttributeError:  XSetup instance has no attribute 'xhwsetup'
> As noted above, if your hardware can not be found in the database files,
> anaconda should actually just default to a safe low resolution. But in
> your case it seems to fail trying to do just that. 
> Looks like a good bug.
> -- 
> Sincerely,
> K.K. Alice
> S. Christians
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