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Re: Kickstarting over DSL ?

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Marc De Preter wrote:

> Hi folks,
> This might be slightly off-topic, but how does one kickstart a machine
> over a DSL connection ?

What is you are really trying to do? Just download the kickstart file??
Actually boot from a remote server?? Dload the ks file and install via 
ftp or http?? Any or all of these are easially doable assuming you have
a working net connection be it dsl or whatever. 

> There's the MTU value that needs to be set somewhere before the loader
> downloads the ks.cfg from the net, but what would be the exact parameter
> to pass to the kernel ?

Why?? It should do MTU discovery on its own or use a sane default value.
What method are you using to boot the machine?? cd, floppy, network (PXE),

> I've been googling a bit for this, but couldn't find any doc :(

I routinely boot either from grub or PXE on a local network and pull the
ks-cfg file from a remote http server. It "just works"(tm).



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