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RE: RedHat 9 on a CF Disk

The CF looks like a hard drive to the system. So a lilo, grub or a
syslinux boot is possible.

I currently have a development system setup with a 40gb hard drive and
the compact flash drive. What I am working on doing is installing a
complete bootable system on the flash disk, so I don't want to use
redhat's installer and I hadn't thought about creating my own installer.

I think I have enough information now to create the image. Thank you for
your help.

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 12:22, Skahan, Vince wrote:
> Depends on how you're installing it,
> how big your flash is, and what format
> you install into.
> Do you kickstart (ie, the flash looks like
> a normally installed spinning disk) ?
> Do you roll your own installer and do something
> that looks more like a boot floppy initrd-based
> installation ?
> If you roll your own installer, you can get
> redhat9 down to about 100 rpms taking under
> 50MB after installation, if you do some post
> processing to strip more stuff out.
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> From: Ronald Reed [mailto:rreed ops sgp arm gov] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 8:02 AM
> To: Kickstart-list redhat com
> Subject: RedHat 9 on a CF Disk
> Does anyone have a list of the minimal packages that are needed to
> install Redhat 9? I am working on making a bootable Redhat 9 distro on a
> Compact Flash disk drive.
Ron Reed
RedHat Certified Engineer
Unix Systems Administrator
ron reed arm gov

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