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Re: WiFi network support in a kickstart file

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Dan Trainor wrote:

>Hey all, here's one that will cause for many sleepless nights.  I'm
>wondering if there's a way to possibly include wifi network card support
>upon install.  This should include setting a channel and setting
>encryption, as well.  Is this a little too advanced for a kickstart
>file?  I'm sure there's probably a way to incorperate all this into a
>%pre, but I was wondering if anyone has done it before.

Just to confirm; you want to use WiFi at kickstart-time, presumably for
accessing one or more of:

- PXELINUX (the binary itself)
- PXELINUX config file
- Anaconda stage 1 (vmlinuz + initrd)
- Kickstart file
- Anaconda stage 2
- RPMs, %post resources and everything else


The further down that list we go, the easier it becomes. I'm not aware
of any PXE-bootable WiFi cards (somebody correct me please), so
you'll have to deliver Anaconda stage 1 some other way (i.e. CD).

After that, there are "airo", "wvlan", and "orin" modules available, so
a wireless delivery of stage 2 onwards should be fine.
[I'm using RHEL3, YMMV]


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