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Re: kickstarting & user intervention

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions.

Brian Long wrote:


You could investigate kickstart-tools.  We use a perl-CGI to generate
the ks.cfg, bootdisks, PXE, etc depending on what the user chooses.

http://kickstart-tools.sf.net.  The kickstart-tools-web RPM includes the
perl-CGI you would install on an Apache web server.  It's heavily

Your end users would visit this internal web site, generate the bootdisk
or PXE, then kickstart their machines.


On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 19:25, Stephen Mah wrote:


I'm looking into a way to give users the option of providing additional input.
For instance, our standard kickstart file defines the partitions structure...
Some users want the flexibility of creating their own partition scheme, while still running our post installation scripts, customizations, etc...

Is there a way to make Gui Disk partitioning program to run if the user chooses this option?


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