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RE: Kickstart on 7.3/9 using e1000 card

I wrote this on experts-exchange, it should give you an idea

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Subject: Kickstart on 7.3/9 using e1000 card


I have been combing the net for some help on kickstarting with an e1000
card for redhat 7.3: 

What I did was follow the instructions at 


to create a bootnet.img file that I could use to only do intel cards
using the 2.4.18-3BOOT modules. I got the e1000.o for the initrd.img and
hence bootnet.img from the drvnet.img file.

The problem is that when i do that, I get an error on alt-f3 during
kickstart that says something about tainting the kernel with a BSD
license, and then:

failed to insert /tmp/e1000.o

As a result, the nfs / driver screen keeps alternating back and forth.

The machine has no floppy, and is an off the shelf Penguin Computing
rackmount that I do not want to touch the network hardware on.

Please suggest a way to get this machine to do an nfs kickstart with the
e1000 card.

is now dead! is there a better link to Jason's help listed earlier in this

Thanks in advance,

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