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Issue with Aquiring DHCP

Ethernet Card:
eth0: Tigon3 [partno(BCM95703A30) rev 1002 PHY(5703)] (PCIX:133MHz:64-bit) 10/100/1000BaseT

Problem: Installing from PXE fails to aquire DHCP address as Kickstart begins.

PXE-Booting aquires DHCP w/ MAC matching
Kernel is passed over and Boots
Kickstart engages and knows to boot over HTTP, its first job is to aquire its address through DHCP. The first broadcast is never handled and times out, thus causing a stop point for the user asking methodology for aquiring an address.
When you select OK to try DHCP again, it aquires, and the installation continues as it should.

I've seen this problem reported before, but never really seen an applicable solution. In the DHCP logs I see a broadcast coming over the lines but I don't know why its not getting a response at this time and why it gets it on the second trial. The Console logs:

	Sending DHCP request through device eth0
	Waiting for link
	5 seconds . . .
	Pump told us: no DHCP reply recieved.

Gut check says DHCP server is being pinged too fast by an address that was just allocated but I'm not sure where to head next.. might be way off base but if anyone has some guesses, I'd like to hear them. Install is 100% right on after this, but w/o this fixed I can't have a person-less-install.

If there is no direct solution, is there a way to get it to just try again if it fails?


Andy Ciordia, Network Engineer
Planned Giving Design Center (www.pgdc.com)
10800-D Independence Pointe Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105
Ph: (704)849-0731 x106  |  Fax: (770)456-5239
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