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RE: Issue with Aquiring DHCP

Do you have multiple ethernet interfaces?  Linux and the BIOS do not always
agree on which is the 'first' ethernet port(and therefore eth0) in the
system.  On some systems I have to use the second (as labeled on the server
chassis) ethernet port for kickstart  as Linux see it as eth0, or specify
eth1 as the ksdevice to use the first ethernet port.

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Brian Long wrote:
> Does your switch have spanning tree port-fast enabled?  This tells the
> switch to disable spanning tree calculations for that port.  If not
> configured and spanning tree is enabled on your network, the time it
> takes your link to come up could be 30+ seconds and that's too long
> for "loader" to acquire an IP.

Sorry for being a bit dense atm, are you saying spanning tree port-fast
should be enabled?  As well, it does aquire the first pass, through
PXE's asking DHCP for an address, that is resolved immediatly.  Its the
second DHCP request which is when the install engages that stalls.

Currently on out Catalyst 5000:

#uplinkfast groups
set spantree uplinkfast disable
set spantree backbonefast disable
#vlan 208
set spantree enable     208
set spantree fwddelay 15    208
set spantree hello    2     208
set spantree maxage   20    208
set spantree priority 32768 208

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