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Re: Issue with Aquiring DHCP

Jeremy Silver wrote:
Do you have multiple ethernet interfaces?  Linux and the BIOS do not always
agree on which is the 'first' ethernet port(and therefore eth0) in the
system.  On some systems I have to use the second (as labeled on the server
chassis) ethernet port for kickstart  as Linux see it as eth0, or specify
eth1 as the ksdevice to use the first ethernet port.

This is a dual onboard machine however only one nic is jacked in atm. Through PXE we recieve address, through second trial DHCP on same eth0 it is aquired. I don't change anything, I just wait for it to fail, then hit OK and it catches it.

Just strange that it aquires it the first time, but when it asks for the same information 10 seconds later, it gets no response. Does DHCP have an idea of flood protection?


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