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Need help with PXE/NFS install

Hello All,


I need some assistance with finishing a PXE NFS install.  I have reviewed the archives and the information there has helped me to get this far.


I have a DHCP server and a separate file server running the TFTP and NFS services.  I have figured out the DHCP settings to pass on the hostname, the IP, and the NextServer to push the installation over to the TFTP server. 


At the TFTP server, the pxeboot hex file points to the nfs share and anaconda finds the vmlinuz and initrd.img files and starts the interactive installation. 


Here is the part I am stuck on - whenever I try to add kickstart information into the hex file (ksdevice=eth0 ks=nfs:/{fileserver IP}/path to the ks file), the vmlinuz and initrd.img file are found and the initial install begins.  As the install is checking for hardware it kernel panics with a VFS error when attempting to locate the hard drive.  It seems that the megaraid driver we need is not getting installed, and it gacks at that point.


To be clear – the nfs portion is operational and will lead to an interactive install, but when the kickstart information for an unattended installation, the install kernel panics with a VFS error.


What did I break?  J


Thank you very much for any assistance – it is greatly appreciated.


Mike Cotton


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