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Re: problem integrating ks.cfg with RHEL WS 2.1 ISOs

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004, Ajay Mulwani wrote:

>1) The first set has integrated ks.cfg file within isolinux/initrd.img
>and also updated isolinux/isolinux.cfg so that this ks.cfg is called by
>default even if just the "Enter" key is pressed at the "boot:" prompt.
>The ks.cfg file has ONLY the %post section which calls a script. With
>this set the problem that I am facing is the linux installer does not
>gives me an option to select packages and starts the "minimal"
>installation always.

Sounds like you want the "interactive" option in the kickstart file:

 interactive (optional)

   Uses the information provided in the kickstart file during the
   installation, but allow for inspection and modification of the
   values given.  You will be presented with each screen of the
   installation program with the values from the kickstart file.
   Either accept the values by clicking Next or change the values
   and click Next to continue. See also [50]the Section called

>2) To avoid the situation in (1) I created the second set. Here, I
>restored the original initrd.img and isolinux.cfg and now kept ks.cfg
>at the top level and at isolinux directory. Now if at the "boot:"
>prompt I give "linux ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg"

Is that a valid argument? command-line.txt has:

ks=cdrom:       Kickstart from CDROM
ks=file:<path>  Kickstart from a file (path = 'fd0/ks.cfg')

(observe no file specified for cdrom, perhaps file would work)


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