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ks.cfg & RedHat tree


I'm trying to build a kickstart server. PITA. First of all,
we have licensed ES 3. We're going to migrate from 7.3 to
ES 3 on approx. 15 servers and I figured setting up a
kickstart server for this would be a good plan.

I have prepared the KS server's HD with cp -var /mnt/cdrom
/redhat/ES3.0 etc. for all disks. I've exported this 'ro'

I exported 'rw' a /kickstart/ directory too, this is where
we will be trying to construct all the <hostname>/ks.cfg
from each of the 7.3 servers. So far so good. First system
I'm doing is a HP server which apparently wants the e1000
driver. Figured out already that that one apparently needs
portfast on the switch.

Here's for the simple questions I have right now:

- in (ISC) dhcpd.conf, should I just use
  host <hostname> {
     hardware ethernet xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx;
     filename "/kickstart/<hostname>/ks.cfg";
  } ?

- what is the minimum contents of the ks.cfg that tells it
  where to find /redhat/ES3.0 ?

- how do I debug the kickstart process on the client?
  (ie. make it show which ks.cfg it's trying to get,
   which NFS folder it's mounting etc.)

That'll be all for now :-)

Thanks a bunch!
Fred Leeflang

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