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Fatal Error (was: Newbie Needs Help with Kickstart Fedora Installations)

Thanks to Philip Rowlands for substantial help with my previous questions.

I'm now running a kickstart installation via HTTP from an Apache web server running under Windows 2000 Pro. The contents of the server were created from the Fedora Core 2 test 3 CD-ROMs. The CDs pass the media checks, and an interactive installation works as expected.

However, a kickstart installation always generates a fatal error when trying to install at-3.1.8-52.i386.rpm. I'm installing a smallish Fedora subset onto a 12 GB partition. I've replaced the at-3.1.8 file on the server a couple of times, and I've replaced all the files in the Fedora/base directory with fresh copies.

The kickstart configuration file package section is taken from the file produced by anaconda during an interactive installation, so the dependencies are probably correct.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gary Ford
Plaid Flannel Software

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