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RE: Complete Ok ?

find takes wildcards but they must be quoted:

find /var/tmp/redhat/RedHat/RPMS/ -name anaconda-"*".rpm


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Philip Rowlands wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Oct 2004, Raphaël 'SurcouF' Bordet wrote:
>>I don't have any anaconda-x-y-z pakage on my RedHat CDs...
> <sigh>
> I was too lazy to type "where x.y.z is the version of anaconda depending
> which Fedora or RHL or RHEL you're using". So, for RHEL3U3 it's
> anaconda-9.1.3-3.RHEL.i386.rpm, for FC2 it's anaconda-10.0-5.i386.rpm,
> etc.

I've copied the four CDs provided by RedHat into /var/tmp/redhat/ and I
can't found any anaconda-*.rpm...

# find /var/tmp/redhat/RedHat/RPMS/ -name anaconda-*.rpm


Raphaël 'SurcouF' Bordet

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