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Re: Partial User Intervention

Ed Brown wrote, around 09/22/2004 01:25 PM:
... but providing network settings as
parameters at the 'boot:' prompt is as straightforward as it gets, and
may be your only option for "user interaction" depending on type of
install you are doing (if you are retrieving the kickstart file from the
network, for example).  If you have params that don't change often
(dns=..., netmask=...), they can be included in your custom
syslinux.cfg, like:

fwiw, you can do custom mods to a network obtained ks.cfg file. Use the %include directive, and have the %pre scriptlet write the relevant data to the file. (Note, the file must exist, or anaconda will abort)

I write various computed info to files in /tmp (e.g. /tmp/group-include), and reference that at the appropriate place in the ks.cfg file with a
%include /tmp/group-include
works like a champ -- no munging of the ks.cfg file proper.

If you want graphics, you pretty much have to use the snack module from python, as it works in text mode (and dialog isn't available to %pre scriptlets).


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