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Re: initrd.img module loading

On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 11:20 -0600, Ronald Reed wrote:
> Maybe I am misunderstanding what is being said or I am not making myself
> clear.
> This is a fresh kickstart install, with a standard RedHat Enterprise 3.0
> boot image and kickstart file. (I am customizing a kickstart CD, but it
> is the standard bootdisk.img file for the CD boot)
> When the install starts, it finds the megaraid device first and assigns
> it as /dev/sda. This makes anaconda format and install to the wrong raid
> set.
> I guess I could remake the initrd.img for the install, but I am not sure
> what options to use to make a new initrd.img for the bootdisk.img so
> that it still has all the options that it currently has in it, but just
> load the aacraid driver before it loads the megaraid one.

What does it detect the aacraid device as?  /dev/sdb?  If so, why don't
you use the bootloader option mentioned previously to get grub to use
sdb as the boot drive?


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