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Anaconda Debugging

Hello, all -

I have an RPM that gets installed during the whole Anaconda process.
It's a bit odd, in the fact that it starts a daemon during install, then
runs a client program, and feeds some data to the client program, and
then kills the daemon.

The RPM was working perfectly prior to whatever change I made yesterday,
which I can't find.  I don't have a backup, so I'm up crap creek here.

The RPM works properly when installed at a later time, i.e. on a system
that has already been installed.  But the RPM does not work when
installed using Anaconda.  Instead, it craps out and returns an error
that I don't understand, since it's proprietary software - and we all
know how convoluted that can be.

So what I'd like to do at this point, even if it does not help fix the
problem, is to see some more verbose Anaconda output.  Is there any way
that I can set my kickstart up to tell Anaconda to have pretty much
debug output?  This would be great.


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