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3.0 to 4.0 preserving existing raid and LVM volumes


I am currently trying to upgrade some AS 3.x systems to WS 4.x. Since most of the systems I am rebuilding have a 200+ Gigs on some of the volumes I would like to just re-kickstart the machines and preserve the existing raid and LVM partitions.

Below is the kickstart configuration of the machine  (3.0 AS) currently:

clearpart --all --initlabel

#Disk partitioning information
part raid.00 --size 128 --ondisk sda
part raid.01 --size 128 --ondisk sdb
part raid.02 --size 15000 --grow --ondisk sda
part raid.03 --size 15000 --grow --ondisk sdb

raid /boot --level 1 --device md0 raid.00 raid.01
raid pv.00 --level 1 --device md1 raid.02 raid.03

volgroup vgsys pv.00

logvol / --vgname vgsys --name lvroot --size 10240
logvol /usr --vgname vgsys --name lvusr --size 8192
logvol /var --vgname vgsys --name lvvar --size 4096
logvol swap --vgname vgsys --name lvswap --size 1024 --fstype swap
logvol /web --vgname vgsys --name lvweb --size 122880

Now this works with a clean install of 3.0 AS or 4.0 WS. When I try using the --noformat option anywhere the install either crashes or errors out with "could not create requested partitions" when I try and install on top of the AS installation.

Thank you for any and all help.


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