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comps.xml, ordering in RPMs, and nVidia drivers

Hello again,

I am putting together an automated installer that will include installation of
nVidia drivers including the nVidia kernel modules.

I think I've managed to get the necessary syntax for comps.xml, and the
nvidia-graphics7174-kmdl RPM merges into the rest of my install tree ... but I
am still puzzled about a few things:

1. What does it mean when genhdlist complains like this:

WARNING: ordering not found for nvidia-graphics7174-kmdl-2.6.9-5.0.5.ELsmp-1.0_7174-68.el4.at.x86_64.rpm

2. The kernel and the nVidia kernel module I am trying to use are the same
version (2.6.9-5.0.5.ELsmp); however, if I specify this in my comps.xml:

-- cut here --
  <!-- packages (including drivers) exclusively for workstations -->
    <name>Workstation-specific Packages</name>
    <description>Drivers and Packages Strictly for Workstations.</description>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">mpg123</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">nvidia-graphics-devices</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">nvidia-graphics7174-kmdl-2.6.9-5.0.5.ELsmp</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">nvidia-graphics7174-libs</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">tmake</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">mpg123</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">xmms</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">xmms-mp3</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">xxdiff</packagereq>
-- cut here --

anaconda complains and dies. If I remove all the version info from the XML
tag, anaconda doesn't install the module (makes sense).

So how do I specify the right version of the kernel module in the comps.xml
file so that it gets installed automagically? Is this the normal way to do
things, or should I just install it manually in the %post section of


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