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Automated kickstart of remote machine

Hello, all -

I've set up a small lab in VMWare to experiment with upgrading an older
machine.  I'd like to come up with a process to completely re-install
RHEL4 on the machine.  I'm trying to pull all this off in a little lab
before I go for the big money - a server that is about 1200 miles away
from me.

I'm able to do a kickstart install off of a CD, or a disk - that's cake.
 However, I don't know much about doing a kickstart on a remote machine,
a machine I will have no physical access to.  All I can do (and
hopefully after the kickstart will still be able to) is SSH to the
machine as it stands.

I guess what I'm asking here is what are my options in an effort to
kickstart this machine remotely?  Is there a process which I can hack at
grub a little bit to load some additional kickstart paramaters next time
it boots, and at that time, it would begin the kickstart?  Is that how
it's done in this situation?

Thanks again for the time

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