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Re: kickstart waits when machines have two network cards

"ha haha" <hahaha_30k yahoo com> wrote:

Now the problem goes a step further. It's related to
modules load sequence for network cards.

I have a machine with two networks cards, originaly
the built-in Broadcom network card is detected as
eth0, and external Intel gigabit as eth1, by former

And the installs only happens on eth0, the built-in
Broadcom NIC.

Now the FC4 detects network cards in reverse order,
so former eth0(built-in Broadcom) is detected as eth1,
while the former eth1 is assigned as eth0.

Is there configuration file I can change
(/etc/modprobe.conf doesn't help) to alter the network
card modules' load sequence, both during kickstart and

I think (but I'm not positive) that you can specify ethernet device order (or any device?) by passing arguments on the command line, like "eth0=3fe,10" where 3fe is the I/O port and 10 is the interrupt. Check the kernel documentation to verify and for details. It's been a while since I've used it and I don't have a Linux box available now to check it for you.

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